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Owners who decide to leave their pets under the care of someone often decide between the choices of boarding or a pet sitter. Read ahead to look at why anyone should choose a sitter instead; 

Comfortable environment

Pet sitters are professionals who would pay regular visits to your home to take care of your cat or dog, by doing it can be assured that he/she is in an environment comfortable and known, while continuing the routine as usual unlike dog boarding facilities services.

Less stressful

Pet sitters have times organized to pay a visit to your home, in order to feed and take care, which ideally is more organized and less stressful to the owners, to know that their pets are being taken care of in their own homes, where all comfort such as beds and toys are available.


Having someone come over on days you are away, would alarm the burglars of the house not being empty, and helps the pet stay around the grounds of the house, to provide a little extra security during dog minding Sydney, while having the advantage of someone bringing in the newspapers and mail as well.

Undivided attention

By being taken care of at home, your pets would yearn for your love, even though you are not around. But hiring a sitter would make things a little easier, as the attention is directed towards the pet at every visit, some pet sitting services provide an extra facility to stay overnight, for all the dogs and cats who get uncomfortable in your absence.


Hiring a professional is much easier than having to transport your dog to the boarding home and back, and it is also more convenient for the pet to have a smooth transition in your absence and arrival.

Multiple care

If you have more than one pet, boarding them would cost a lot as it would be calculated for each one, but with a sitter it can cost considerably less, due to the costing made per visit.

Regular routines

When at home, the pets can maintain the ordinary routine of meals, play time and naps, while eating in their bowls and sleeping in beds they are accustomed to, which would prevent the dog from feeling any indifferent. All of the benefits mentioned above reflect the clear advantage of having a professional sitter instead of boarding the pets in a lonely kennel or cattery where they would feel left out and uncomfortable. As stated, dog minding would keep your dogs off of any stress and anxiety, while providing for their owners the same thing.