Don’t be a fool stay in school

th (25)Hate it or love it our public school systems now have a new guideline that allow for the teachers to be graded and hold to a higher, universal standard. It allows parents, students, and our government to compare and decide if they are getting the best from their school and its school.

Even with this new standard of grading teachers and the supposedly higher standard to hold each teacher up to, our overall graduation rate of high school students are still not that great. Even though the percentage of students graduation has grown a whopping one percent in the past two years in comparison to some other nations it still is not enough.

Only eighty two percent of those people that are classified as high school students graduated last year and should graduate this year. Even to my ears it seem like a lot, but it is only like four fifth of the student population graduation. According to the most recent report, released one in five high school students will graduate this upcoming graduation season. With a goal of at least ninety one percent by two thousand and twenty, we as a community have a lot to do. As of right now, it is not looking so good.

Even so, there is some hope, it is plausible. It seem if we focus on those students in areas where they are substantially behind the rest of the country, such as Washington D.C. . It has been reported to be graduating only sixty-five of its students last year; we can really boost our overall score.

In this current year area that are of a lower income bracket have a lot less graduating students. One would think that this country of ours, which is supposedly filled of so many opportunities, this would no longer be a problem. I mean I had a college roommate that was from a small rural town, where they have been greatly effective by the economy. He said that many of his friends had to drop out to help with their family and their families’ business and farms. On the other hand, they lost the great battle of unwed teen pregnancy.

I am saying to say that he comes from small rather poor town that has struggled to have its students stay in school and graduate. My roommate family is quite wealthy and his mother is a whiz with finances, so they were able to keep their family fortune when the economy took a turn for the worst. After graduating school, he was able to go on to college and pay for it without having any debt by the grace of his grandparents. They had set up a college trust fund for him, his sisters, and cousins.

However, he whole-heartedly believes that if he were not born into such a wealthy and affluent he, almond with his friends and the rest of the county, would not have graduated. If his family needed his help without even a second thought, he would have quit school and taken on a job. With the hopes and intentions to return later to complete his education.

I know that if I did not have the support of my family doubt that I would have finished.



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