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Schedule regular appointments for maintenance

thJ8NKOWPKIf you want to make sure that you air conditioning unit last for years and years to come, schedule HVAC technician to come out and service your unit a few times a year. At just the right moment during the year. Ask the pros they will tell you the same thing scheduling the air conditioning mutinous is crucial to maintaining a well running machine. If you are in need I have a few tips that will keep that necessary heating and cooling unit running smooth like eggs.

Keep regular appointments

By keeping regular maintenance, checkup appointments with your HVAC technician he will be able to spot any problems you may be facing at the beginning instead after some time when these type of things tend to ruin and corrode other parts of the unit. It is also great for preventative measures.

Best time of year to schedule

When you are scheduling your appointments consider the seasons and temperature outside. During the summertime without the air conditioning unit working properly, it may become too hot inside of your home to go without the cool temperatures that air conditioning brings. If it is too cold, your household cannot go without its heating unit to keep all those freezing temperatures outside where it belongs.

Many experts suggest that the best time to schedule any type of appointment dealing with the heating and cooling unit is when it is not too warm or too cold. Those times of years where the heating and cooling unit is not in use. Such as spring and fall. Most people around the country have no need to have these units operating. Moderate temperatures outside create moderate temperatures indoors.

What should the technician inspect?

There are many different aspects of the systems that should always be inspected. Always confirm that the air filters are cleaned and if need be have them replaced. If they are too dirty, it will inhibit the system from running efficiently throughout the entire year. Ensure that the compressor housing is cleared and cleaned out. The technician ought to check out the ductwork. Remove any type of blockage or trash that may be in it. Finally yet importantly, the technician should have all loose screws tighten and all stripped screws removed and replace.

Although technicians will normally come with a list of items to check and go over, there is nothing wrong being informed and prepared. Knowing what he or she should look for and serviced will benefit you not only during the system servicing but also during the time in between appointments.

After you have had your heating and cooling systems serviced, you will enjoy breathing in nicely filter air by a unit that is working at its optimum levels.

Fair warning if you are considering having your system service for the first time then always do your research before consulting a company.   Ask around and look for online reviews of different HVAC businesses.   One that I have always used and I have been satisfied with each visit is All Star Mechanical in Lansing. One of the top HVAC companies in Lansing. I love them. So will you, trust me.

Deer Camp

thWVLKJXJCI have been waiting all year for this moment. It is like the ultimate holiday, but even better. Unlike most holidays that only, last a day or three this one last 2 whole weeks, an entire fourteen days.

For those that have never been or those folks that are sensitive to this type of thing you may not agree with me. However, for those that know, it is like none other. Something we die hards wait the entire year for, what we plan, and ocher state. A time when men can be men. It separates the boys from men.

Deer camp.

It is the best of times, go out into the wild. Packed and prepared, back to the root of society if you do not kill you do not eat. I love it. I prepare for it all year, literally the day after I get back deer camp I start buying and storing things for the next one. My bags are packed at least two months before November 12. When I prepare to go up north to bring in the deer season I have a few key items that I have to have. No matter what. They allow my stay to productive and comfortable.


I know some people will not agree with me on this part. Some may even call me soft but I have to have an air matters. Preferably, a queen size one. I suffer from back issues and have problems with sleeping on the ground. When I leave out I check to make sure that my matters is in great conditions. No leaks or rips. I also make sure my mattress pump is in great working condition. I have a great sleeping back that is workable in below zero degree weather. The past three years I have also have included a blanket my wife quilted for me.

Now that my bedding has been inspected and packed the next item on my checklist.


Before I set out I like to make sure my tent is in great condition, by setting it up a few times out of the year if only in my back yard. Throughout the year, I consistently weather proof it for rain and snow. Sleeping outside in northern Michigan during the middle of November, you have to make sure to stay dry and warm. Otherwise, you run the risk of hypothermia and frostbite. As I said before I always open it up a few times during the year for a variety of reasons. To air it out, to check out my weatherproofing, make sure the seams are tight and are not in need of patches, and simply because I like sleeping outside. It is usually some of the most comfortable and undisturbed rest I get.

Guns and Ammunition

How can you expect to harvest a deer if your sights and equipment is raggedy? I always take each gun I plan of packing to the shooting range. If I am unable to go throughout the year like I would like then at least a week before I leave out. Check the sights; clean them out, double check that each one is functionally properly.


This is the hardest part of getting ready is the wait. Especially those last couple of days, its seems that time moves exceptionally slower than any other time during the year. My excitement makes it difficult for me to wait. However, patience is necessary before and during the hunt.

Just a few of the things I like always have to have, those things that are necessary for me during deer camp.   Right now, I am working on my patience; everything else is set ready to go. It is just a waiting game now and I can only hope that I am the winner at the end of this. Pray for my family and me I know that I am driving them crazy.

Consider using a professional

thYXGUCN8JWhen it comes to taking care of low limbs and branches, anyone with knowledge of trees and plants can take care of this without much problems. Tree pruning does not have to be complicated when it comes to simple maintenance procedures. However, if you are trying to train young trees then license arborists should only do this. When it comes to this type of tree pruning, only use professional services. There are different types of cuts and trims that an arborist will utilized that have been proven for hundreds of years to be beneficial and non-harming to trees, young trees in particular.

Variety Pruning Cuts an Arborist may utilize

Thinning Cut

One type of cut that is necessary in training young trees is called the thinning cut. The thinning cut are used to get rid of all those not so lovely branches. Those that show signs of decay, disease, damage, and weakness. It is a nice and clean sever that ensures that the branch will not grow back. This is cutting method is also used for maintaining a certain height and width the is most pleasing. Sometimes an arborist will prune a tree in this way in an effort to commit the tree growth pattern to a certain shape or structure.

Heading Cut

The next type of pruning cut as the heading cut. This cut is only use for those trees or plants that have flowers.   Such as a rose bush. This type of cut nurtures regrowth of the flower bud and retards it from becoming overgrown. If you notices your arborist using this type of cut to the top of the tree then he is doing it wrong and should be stop. Heading cuts encourages new growth and flowering bud repopulation. That may not otherwise develop in a particular way if it is not done.

Stub Cut

This cut, the stub cut, has been often confuse with the previously mention heading cut. However, whereas the heading cut is used for flowering buds regrowth and growth pattern, the stub cut is used to take off the top of a tree. At the point where it is not developing any, more buds. Trees that have this cut are going through the process of being removed.


Each of these cuts have their place in the world of tree pruning and landscaping. However, if they are not implemented during the right situation or if they are done incorrectly it can result in the death of a great tree. Just like that, a few too close, too deep, and too many cuts can be the end of any tree. This shows us all the importance of using a professional tree service preferably one with at least one certified arborist on their team.

The next time that you are tree needs to be prune or trim consider how serious the situation is, and what you are trying to achieve. If you are not a professional than anything other than a little trim around the edges is all that you should be doing. For anything more complex, stop and call a tree service professional. That is what they are here for.